About Kwesi L Bourne

As a residential researcher to a residential leasing agent to full-time Multi-Family Market Researcher, to today as a Commercial Sales Representative with a specialty in the Multi-Family Investment Real Estate across Ontario. As a licensed professional in the Commercial Real Estate industry Kwesi has proven himself as a serious and knowledgeable player by having been involved in the trading of over 40 Million dollars’ worth of Commercial Real Estate.

As an industry professional and asset manager of his own personal real estate portfolio, he still puts a high value on market research. He is an active member of many Real Estate Investment organizations in the city and across Ontario as well as registered member of the Commercial Services Division. He continues to share different updates on the market through various avenues such as attending city and local real estate influenced events, Synercapital newsletter, monthly online and in person events advertised on Eventbrite.ca. 

For all of your commercial real estate needs Kwesi is well qualified to represent you and assist in making sure you can make informed decision while purchasing, leasing or selling your commercial asset.

When looking at Multi-Family Investment Real Estate anything from 6 to 1000+ units, Kwesi is one of the most knowledgeable in the business in regards to assessing opportunities, finding off market opportunities and helping you achieve the highest return on your investment achievable.