SOLD - Triplex/ Infill Development in the Westboro Village. Ottawa, ON

Located in the trendy neighborhood of the Westboro Village and around the corner from
Westboro beach and the Ottawa River. The neighbourhood is bordered on the west side of
the famous and prestigious Island Park Drive. Its current population is around 21,000 people
and is increasing year over year with young families and high income earning professional
creating opportunity for new investment property construction and property value growth.

Located within a short walk of a major transit station, this location makes it very easy to travel
from one side of the city to another. The Transitway will see a new revitalization in the Phase II of the city to Ottawa’s LRT Expansion. This will increase ridership, and increase the speed and frequency of the transportation, making it even easier to commute throughout the city. Many studies have proven that property located within walking distance to Transit stations appreciate in value at a higher rate than others.

As the city has increased the zoning density in the last number of years a large amount
of densification has started to change the neighborhood. Newly constructed detached, semi-detached and triplex properties have given new energy to the neighborhood attracting young
families and working professionals.

Kwesi Bourne